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¡Adiós México!

12.12.2006 ¡Muchos gracias, usted es hermoso!

sunny 28 °C
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We had a really nice dinner last night! At that Mexican Gourmet place at the resort. We didn't get much food, but I guess that's normal in restaurants like that :). I had lamb & lobster, sounds weird but it was delicious! They didn't mix the lobster & the lamb, there was just a tiny piece of lamb and a small peace of lobster on a plate. With a bit of potatoes. It tasted great! The dessert was muy bien; warm chocolate cake, yummm chocolate is always good!

It was a very nice last dinner with the crew, everyone in a good mood: satisfied from a trip full of hard work & having lots of fun!

We're leaving around 9:20 by tourist-bus to the airport. I didn't sleep much last night, on purpose, so I'm pretty tired and hopefully will be able to get a good rest on the bus/plane. I usually fall asleep easily on moving vehicles. :)

The weather is beautiful right now, a clear blue sky and a bright shining sun... Nice for now but I kind of missed that the passed few cloudy/rainy days... May not complain though!!!

Once again: I really enjoyed Mexico!!!



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11.12.2006 Xcaret Park is situated in the heart of the Riviera Maya. 'Xcaret' means 'Small Cove' in Mayan. Xcaret is located on the shore of the Caribbean Sea, in front of Cozumel.

semi-overcast 26 °C
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¡Amo la flora y la fauna de México!
I had a wonderful day today! I spent the whole day walking around Xcaret enjoying the flora & fauna, there was too much to see! I love Mother Earth! Xcaret is a large "eco-archaeological" theme park. It's like a zoo, an 'open-air museum' & beach resort all in one. It's built around the ruins of Polé, an important Postclassic Maya coastal settlement. The ruins looked cool! Yeah I'm learning a lot about Mexico thanks to my travel guide... I've been reading a lot 'cause I just love getting to know a country & its history, culture & traditions. That's why I'm so grateful that I get the chance to travel, cause I'm learning so much about the world!


I saw a lot at Xcaret: they had puma's and a jaguar & a panther. They looked pretty bored and fat 'cause they had a
small space to live on and nothing to chase... They still looked amazing though, mighty big cats!

I really enjoyed the turtles; they had them in all different ages/sizes. It was cool to see how huge those tiny baby turtles will get... They also had a Manatee [sea-cow] with its young, impressive! They actually look pretty elegant when they swim, that's probably why sailors used think they were mermaids...


The nicest part of the park was the Butterfly Garden... You had to get in there through a curtain. The garden had different levels to walk around and the roof was closed so the butterflies couldn't escape. Hard to explain really what it was like... Butterflies everywhere! They even sat on me! I managed to take a picture of one sitting on my leg... Their colors & the way they fly around and seem to be so careless made me feel really happy!


I spent some time at the beach, got a drink & enjoyed the sight of the beautiful Caribbean Ocean. The crew was taking pictures with Natasha at the re-created Maya village. I sometimes went back to check how long they'd still take and they took a while so I had a lot of time in the park!


There was also a typical Mexican Cemetery rebuild at Xcaret. Conceived & built with the characteristic creativeness of architect Miguel Quintana. Very colorful with very positive 'wishes' to the dead on the stones. I read that around 330 people worked very hard to bring this wonderful place to real life, including bricklayers, master builders, sculptors and specialists in limestone, architects, designers and painters, as well as some hundreds of Mexican craftsmen who made a great number of pieces that were added to the tombs design. You can really tell, the cemetery looks amazing! I also read that Mexico has a positive relationship with the concept of death. It's portrayed with humor and even affection by craftspeople and artists. On Nov. 1st & 2nd they celebrate the Days of the Death. On those days the dead have permission on Earth; the children on the 1st in the evening and the adults on November 2nd, according to popular belief. The living welcome the passed souls with offerings like their favorite food, flowers, candles and incense. I respect dealing with death like that!


At one point there was a dancing show in the Maya-village, typical 'Indian' or actually 'Mayan' because we'd only call it Indian because Columbus thought he discovered India... Anyways! That show was pretty cool, the dancers/chanters were dressed nice, I think they were representing different animals and maybe spirits... I don't know much about that yet!

Well I've had a really good last day in Mexico! I've really enjoyed Xcaret, the whole atmosphere was positive and IRIE, respecting Mother Earth & the Animal Kingdom. For real!

Tonight we're having our last dinner at the Mexican 'Gourmet' restaurant. Mexican haute cuisine... Can't wait!

We're leaving around 9 to the airport tomorrow morning. I can't believe I'm leaving already! The time really flew. Probably because I only had fun!



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10.12.2006 La vida es una playa...

rain 27 °C
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We went to the same beach as the first photoshoot, at that relaxed resort! With the nice dogs & the good Mexican food... And the cutest baby-boy in the world! His mom was very chilled out and you could really see that in the baby: he was smiling all the time! I seriously didn't even know there was a baby there at first cause he didn't cry at all. Irie people!

The shooting took way longer than expected because it's been raining most of the day. We shot the pictures in between the rain; as soon as it got dry. So it took long but not extremely long; we were done before dark which is around 5pm. And saw a really nice rainbow! :)

The crew is going to 'Xcaret' tomorrow, a park a bit like 'Xel-ha' but with more animals & Maya ruins! I'm going with them, I'm pretty lucky for having the day off when they're going to such a great location. I heard it's really expensive to get it hehe, I can go for free with the crew! Yeey! I'll probably really enjoy myself tomorrow...

Babs has left this morning by the way, back to New York. They shot all her pictures and she had 2 days off which would have been nice if the weather had been better... She thought it would be wiser to go back. I guess she's right! It was nice to meet her anyways. Cool dutch chick!

Alright, Adios!

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¡Está bien!

09.12.2006 Vamos a la Playa del Carmen...

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Yeey I finally got the chance to shop for some souvenirs! To bring home to the people I love :) Some typical Mexican things of course [Tequila!]. We're at 'Playa del Carmen' right now, near the beach obviously. It's a cute town, very touristic but pretty nice. I just walked around with Natasha & Babs. Babs went back earlier because of her photoshoot and I went on with Natasha, we had a coffee, shopped for souvenirs & talked a lot as usual :).

So right now we're at this hotel in Playa del Carmen, they're shooting an editorial with Babs. The rooms look cool, they chose really nice locations for this trip! It's raining again, that's why I decided to write something in my travel-journal. That I'll put online when I'm home. That's how it works :).

Yesterday we worked at 'Azul Blue' again which was nice. The lunch was even better than the day before! Always good to know... :) The weather was nice, it only rained a tiny bit and it didn't bother us much. Who wants to complain anyways on a trip like this... Well, another productive day in Mexico!


Tomorrow I got my last photoshoot, at the same playa muy relajada where we shot the first pics :). I hope the weather won't be too bad...



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¡México es maravilloso!

07.12.2006 ¡Es el mejor!

sunny 30 °C
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Today we went to 'Azul Blue' a spa/resort like 30 mins driving from our hotel. They hadn't opened yet, which was nice & quiet 'cause no guests... :) The resort looked really nice, everything white & clean, pretty modern. They'll open on the 15th and still had lots of work to do. But our visit didn't bother them: we tried out their restaurant, a good training for them! The food was good!

We shot pictures on the roof of one of the apartments at Azul Blue. It was all white so the light was too bright [that's a rhyme!] so we had to wait a little for some clouds... Hehe the weather never seems to be perfect for photo's... But we manage! I shot some pictures together with Natasha & some alone, the styling was 'futuristic', pretty cool! That's the nice thing about a trip like this: all the photoshoots are completely different 'cause the magazine will put them in all their summer editions. I have to look different for every 'editorial' as they call a fashion-photo-series. ¡Si! It's nice to wear all these estilos diversos!


Tomorrow we're working at Azul Blue again! To shoot a beauty - a photoshoot focused on makeup - with me. Nice! Rudi, the makeup artist on this trip is really good so it will probably be cool! We will also shoot 3 other pictures for another beauty/editorial so it will be a long day! I don't mind! I'm young & I'm strong, I will rock all day & all night long!

Hasta luego!


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06.12.2006 "Legend says the Mayan gods pooled their wisdom, dreams and love of beauty to create a place where the best of the Caribbean nature came together. The ancient Mayans called the area Xel-Ha: 'Where The Water Is Born.'"

sunny 29 °C
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So today we went to 'Xel-ha', a natural water park to shoot an editorial with the 3 of us together. Everyone was in a good mood again & it wasn't raining! The park was pretty nice, beautiful lagoons with bright blue water... I always love the colors in tropical countries! There was lots of tropical fish and you could really see them cause the water's so clear. Too bad that there were like a million tourists... I didn't really get the fun of 'relaxing & enjoying nature' with so many others around you... But the park's pretty big & we stayed at the entrance so maybe you can actually find a quiet place to really enjoy the great flora & fauna...


I didn't get too much time to look around the park cause I was working but I got a nice impression of it! Saw loads of iguanas :) They're everywhere! For the last 2 pictures I had to get into the water. I thought it would be really cold cause it was surrounded by jungle plants so it didn't get much sun during the day... But it wasn't that bad, I had to keep on swimming anyway, I actually really enjoyed the cool water! I love this climate so much; cold is actually something to enjoy rather than something to fight all the time like I do in the cold European winter...

This is what my 'DK Eyewitness Travel Guide Mexico' writes about Xel-Ha: "Xel-Ha nature preserve is a series of interconnecting lagoons set among spectacular rocks and caves. A huge variety of tropical fish swim in its beautifully clear waters. For years it was a government-run and rather neglected, but it is now franchised to the same company that operates Xcaret. It has taken on a new lease of life, offering superb snorkeling and diving."

And I read somewhere: "Xel-Ha is the habitat of more than 100 species of birds, 350 species of plants and 99 marine species."

Muy bien... Tomorrow we're going to this spa/resort 'Azul Blue' to shoot an editorial with Natasha & me, I heard the styling will be 'futuristic'... Probably cool!

Hasta pronto! Paz!


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05.12.2006 ¡Me gusto Mexico!

rain 19 °C
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Yesterday I had the day off. Didn't do much, waited around with Natasha most of the day 'cause we thought she would be picked up by a taxi to go to the location of the photo-shoot. The crew was already there, shooting with Babs. They'd send us a text message about it; they didn't have time for Natasha's pics anymore so she had the day off. We never got those messages cause our phones don't work here... And I thought they knew about it. Well, sh*t happens...
Today made up for everything cause we shot pictures at this kind of 'natural resort.' Too bad I don't remember the name... It was on the beach with houses made of wood. Very cosy & pretty romantic. They had hammocks everywhere and they served really good Mexican food! The people that worked there were really nice and laid back. They had some sweet dogs running around, very chilled out from living on the beach their whole lives...
We took nice pictures, Babs & me together like we were on vacation; it will look like holiday pictures in the magazine. Nice but a bit difficult cause it's been raining almost the whole day... Typical... But we got the pics! ;)
Tomorrow we're going to this natural water park called 'Xel-ha'. It will hopefully show me some nice Mexican flora & fauna! 9am in the lobby. That's not that bad! Peace!


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03.12.2006 Aaah... It's tropical!

sunny 30 °C
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Wow my first trip to South-America! Well maybe mid-America... Mexico! To shoot the summer editorials for the same Belgian magazine 'Glam*It' that took me to Jamaica last year... I'm so lucky!

The flight went fiiine for a change, no delays at all... :) We left from Brussels Airport around noon so I had to take the 6:23 train from Amsterdam CS, but it was all worth it of course! Mexico!
I met one of the other models, Natasha from Belgium, at the airport already. We got along right away which rocks cause we're sharing a room for the next 10 days. She's very talkative so that's good we won't get bored! The other model's traveling from New York, I haven't met her yet. She's Dutch, her name's Babs.

We arrived around 7pm in Cancun, Mexico. We had to wait at the airport for ages because they were checking the photographers material and thought it was suspicious that he had such an expensive camera... They thought he would maybe go sell it or something... So after waiting forever they still wouldn't let us take the camera... I guess someone's gonna pick it up later.

Natasha & I woke up at 6 already this morning... It must be the time difference or the excitement... I think the last. We had breakfast like a princess: they got an enormous buffet at our resort 'Hotel Gran Bahia Principe Coba.' The rest of the day we spent chilling around at the swimming-pool & the beach of course! They got beautiful white beaches and it's the Caribbean ocean so the color is mighty blue... :) Lovin' it! Unbelievable that I got the chance AGAIN to be in a beautiful country like this! I don't know what the plans are for this week, we will see at dinner with the crew...
Aight Mexico = Muy Bien!! Hasta luego!


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